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Universal Rocks Ledge Backgrounds

Universal Rocks Ledge Backgrounds

The Universal Rocks Ledge Background is one of the popular 3D backgrounds. The Ledge Background is available in 23 sizes as well as custom sizes upon request. Perfect for Aquariums and Reptile enclosures with fish loving the ledges to hide under and reptiles to bask on or hide under. The ledge varies in size and protrudes in the smaller tank about 2” to 4” and the larger 3" to 7". These backgrounds truly create a show stopping aquarium affect!

Due to space behind these units you may want to put a small power head pump and your heater there and circulate the water by connecting a small piece of tubing and have it penetrate the background and blow the water into the front section of your tank. We also have many types of decoration rocks and tree products that work great with these ledge style backgrounds.


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