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Universal Rocks Crevice Background - 14 x 14-in.

Universal Rocks Crevice Background - 14 x 14-in.

The Universal Rocks Crevice 3D Background is available in various sizes. This is an extremely detailed background that doesn’t take up too much aquarium space. The Universal Rocks crevice background is molded from basalt. You will be impressed with its look. The Crevice background is about 2-3" thick from back to front.

Measurements for your background come from the inside of your tank. (Remember leave a little room so the background does not bunch up.)

Color Options:

  • Classic Brown: This color is our most popular with browns, blacks, yellows and some tans it really gives off that natural look!
  • Classic Grey: This is a wonderful color with grey tones, a little blacks and some white making this very versatile!
  • Castle Rock Grey: Brand new and fantastic, with classic grey base and tans and whites added this is sure to create focus!
  • Outback Sunset: With a classic brown base and some added reds and brighter tons this is sure to pop!

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