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Aquarium 3D Background Clips

Aquarium 3D Background Clips

Posted by Dan F. on Jan 2nd 2019

We received a lot of emails with questions on installing the 3D aquarium backgrounds and the mounting clips that we provide with certain backgrounds.

What are 3D aquarium background clips?

The Clips are a small black plastic ring that has a slit cut in them and when pulled apart want to try and close again, think of them as a tiny plastic bulldog clip. They are designed to slide over the top of your tank and help hold the top of the background in place against the back glass, along with the gravel on the bottom to hold the base of the background in place.

Why clips? Why not magnets or something similar? For about a year Universal Rocks supplied magnets with every background and that worked pretty well. In an effort to conserve costs we switched to “clips” and as a result can pass the savings onto you.

Does the background that I’m interested in come with clips?

Clips are not suitable for every background we make, as they can’t stretch out indefinitely, some backgrounds are too thick and others are simply too large and the clips wouldn’t hold it up. We have provided details on our site for each background as to whether clips are supplied or not, with “Ships With Clips!” and “Clips Not included” so you know what to expect.

If the background you desire does not have clips included, you may silicon it in place. Make sure you use aquarium safe silicone and to always read the directions on the back.

How do you use Clips?

Grip the clip on either side of the slit. Now pull it away from itself. Take the now opened clip and place it open side down over the top of the tank and background and release. It should now be holding one side of the background in place. Do this until the background is secure or you have used up all of your clips.

As a rule we supply 1 clip for about every 12” horizontally. 

  • E.g. a 24”x12” would get 2 clips and a 72”x24” would get 6 clips.

Any questions/comments/ ideas feel free to leave them in the comment section below or you can always email me at and we will be happy to answer you questions.