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Universal Rocks 3D Aquarium Backgrounds

These 3D backgrounds have been created by using some beautiful rock formations in Australia, and now the USA with our two different methods of manufacturing. These backgrounds are what takes your tank from nice to EPIC, Remember that with each choice it is custom made to you so the coloring will vary and the design may vary slightly. ALWAYS USE INTERIOR DIMENSIONS WHEN MEASURING FOR THIS PRODUCT*

All background sizes that are listed represent the tanks they were designed to fit inside of, actual sizes will be smaller so that they can fit into those tanks. If you need an exact size please reference the custom backgrounds section or call us at 215-244-4300.

  • Classic Brown: This color is our most popular with browns, blacks, yellows and some tans it really gives off that natural look!
  • Classic Grey: This is a wonderful color with grey tones, a little blacks and some white making this very versatile!
  • Castle Rock Grey: Brand new and fantastic, with classic grey base and tans and whites added this is sure to create focus!
  • Outback Sunset: With a classic brown base and some added reds and brighter tons this is sure to pop!